compreg plywood for indian railways
Magnus Compreg plywood for Indian Railways is used for making seats and berths of railway coaches. This product conforms to Railway Specifications as per RDSO-IS-C-9407. The veneers are pressed under high capacity

chemical grade compreg plywood
Magnus Compreg for Chemical industry is manufactured with hare wood veneers impregnated with phenol resin under high pressure and temperature. Specific chemical treatment is given to the veneers in the vacuum impregnated chamber

electrical grade compreg plywood
Magnus Compreg – Electrical Grade is an engineered product, manufactured with selected hardwood veneers impregnated with thermosetting resin under high pressure and controlled manufacturing process. It is used for higher electrical

industrial compreg plywood
Premium grade plywood that emerges from a manufacturing process that involves extremely high pressure in a high tonnage hydraulic pressure. The result a product suitable for high wear and tear. The product has a strong

industrial compreg for mould die
Magnus COMPREG Plywood for Mould & Die Casting is a technically precise product. The manufacturing and testing processes target creating a quality product with high chemical and mechanical

Magnus chemical grade plywood is made by thin layered veneers of wood. The species of wood is used to produce this plywood are selected, high densities, oil and decay free, matured and high