Film Face Plywood

Magnus film faced shuttering plywood is manufactured with high density timber in ultra modern hot presses. Manufactured with CPGL technology, it offers extra strength and better bonding when compared to similar products in the market. The panels are most suitable for RCC construction sites.

LVL and Runners
Magnus LVL Runners are an engineered wood product manufactured by compressing multiple layers of thin wood. Being composite, the product overcomes the limitation of traditional wood products as it is warp- and shrink- resistant.

Scaffolding Planks

Magnus Scaffolding Planks have a base of high strength, light weight and mature timber veneer. A special manufacturing technology deliver a product guaranteed to perform to expectation.

h beam wall
Manufactured for heavy load bearing, Magnus H-Beams meet International standards. Features like Chamfered corners, standard shapes as per international norms,plastic capped corners make this a preferred choice in the market. An engineered product it