Magnus container flooring is produced by selected hardwood veneers. It is an extremely durable transportation flooring that has to withstand the movement of forklifts continually driving over the surface while loading and unloading containers.

Application: Floor of containers and heavy load carrying vehicles or other applications that require high strength durable material.

Thickness: 28mm

Sizes: 2440 x 1220 mm to 3200 x 1675 mm

Density: 0.65 to 1.00 gm/cm3

Product Name: 28mm, container flooring densified (IICL TB-001)

Adhesive: BWP grade

Application: Cargo container flooring


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  Dimensions BIS Requirements IICL TB-001 Observation Values
1 Length 2440mm 2442mm
2 Width 1220mm 1222mm
3 Squareness 2% 1mm
4 Edge Straightness 2% 0.95mm
5 Thickness 28mm 28.20mm
6 Density 0.65 to 1.0 gm/cm² 0.90 gm/cm²
7 Plies 19 21
8 Moisture Contents Not to Exceed 14% 7.85%
9 Physical Properties
a. Breaking Load
690kg. 980kg.
10 Bond quality test
a. Boiling for hours & dry at 60 ± 2° C for 20 hours (3 cycles)
a) No Visible delimination Satisfactory
11 Compressive strength
a. Parallel to grain
b. Perpendicular to grain ad parallel to laminate
c. Perpendicular to grain ad parallel to laminate
51.00N/mm² @12 mm comp.
48.63N/mm² @12 mm comp.
65.88N/mm² @15 mm comp.