Manufactured for heavy load bearing, Magnus H-Beams meet International standards. Features like Chamfered corners, standard shapes as per international norms,plastic capped corners make this a preferred choice in the market. An engineered product it is structured with two flanges and one web beam. The flanges are light weight but high strength. The web beams are shaped from composite plywood.

Suitable for: Heavy load bearing applications like ceilings, walls, bridges, tunnels, platforms, structure, shuttering, platforms, formworks, columns and more.

Product formats

Length : 1200, 1800, 2450, 2750, 3050, 3200, 3650, 3950, 4270, 4570, 4600, 4880, 6100 mm

Advantages : Chamfered corners, multi repetitions, high load bearing capacity, standard shape as per international norms, corners covered withplastic caps etc.

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h beam wall


h beam

  Test International Requirements Observed
1. Moisture content 5 - 15% 8%
2. Weight per running meter 5.2 - 6.5 kg/meter 5.25 kg/meter
3. Bending Moment 5 KN/M Max. 5.7 KN/M
4. Shear force 11.0 KN Min. 12.25 KN

Live load

500 KN/m2 580 KN/m2