Our manufacturing facilities are located at Khanna, Punjab. In November 2012, Shri Ram Panels inaugurated its new venture M/s. Shri Ram Panels Pvt. Ltd. with to cater exponential growth in plywood sectors and increasing demands in various plywood related products. This facility was set up with advanced automation to upgrade existing infrastructure. Shri Ram Panels Pvt. Ltd. is fully equipped with automatic and semi- automatic world class machinery. We have a daily manufacturing capacity of 250 m3/6000 sheets.


Manufacturing process

Magnus Plywood is manufactured by the Compression Heating Cooling Process (CHCP). At the composing stage dry veneer layers are impregnated by thermosetting resin in the impregnator by spraying. They are then dried again to control the moisture contents. This is done at low temperature in a hot air environment, to avoid the scorching through the bend dryer. After treating and drying, the layers are composed manually to make a bunch as per required thickness and density. Composed layers are passed through stainless steel 304 grade mold plates. These plates are loaded into hydraulic compression hot press for its curing together. The process is carried out at strictly regulated temperatures and hydraulic pressures for curing time. Cold water is then circulated for uniform cooling.